The Little Red Book Part 2


littleredbook By Jeffrey Gitomer (Part 2)

Part 2 Prospecting for Golden Leads and Making Solid Appointments

1. The objective of a cold call is to make an appointment.
2. You must prepare for cold call.
3. The best way to get the information to a prospect is to make the information a “must read” once it it’s in the door.

4. The key is not to “call the decision maker”. The key is to “have the decision maker call you”

5. I guarantee you that more sales are lost with poor questions and poor salesmanship than are lost to lowest price.


Part 3 : How to win the sales battle and the sales war

1. My Sales philosophy is :
– I give value first.
– I help other people.
-I strive to do my best at what I love.
-I establish long term relationships with everyone.
-I have fun – and I have fun every day.

2. What are the 2 most killer questions in sales?

A. Mr Jones, when I say (insert your product, your company or anything you want an opinion here), what one word comes to mind?
Example Mr Jones say “Lousy service!” You say, “Mr Jones, that’s two words, I only want 1 word.”

This is most powerful question because it not only gives you top of mind awareness (the customer’s hot button), but it tells you their attitude towards it.

B. Mr Jones, when buying (insert your product here), what are the 3 biggest mistakes that people make?

Fear of loss is greater than desire to gain. People don’t want make mistakes, especially on a large purchase.

There are variations to this question “3 biggest opportunities”, “3 biggest reasons”. The key is to create a deficit between you and the probable purchases. Ask a question that you know the answer to (and they don’t)


3. Ask questions if you want to control a phone conversation.

4. Personally I believe the testimonial to be the strongest sales tool you can possess.


Part 4 : Sales Skill Building .. One Brick at a time

  1. Pose a question and offer an answer about them. Or you can reverse it. Give an answer and pose a question about it. But the key is ABOUT THEM.
  2. My ways of dealing with competition (over or ignore) are the hardest ways – but they work. And the longer you go over them, the more you can ignore them. Ezine, Seminar, Referrals. Build value by building profit etc  are ways to “over” them.
  3. The key to follow-up is being smart and creative.
  4. I put myself in front of people who can say yes to me and I deliver value first.
  5. What are the fatal flaws of selling?A. Being a puppy, puppet or pawn. Send me a brochure, a proposal. Sales people are too happy to oblige.

    Flawless : When you send a brochure, make an appointment at the same time. When you get a request for a proposal, change of some of the terms to favour your selection.

    B. Speaking before listening. Does a doctor tell you where he went medical school? No. How many years of practice? No. He ask “Where does it hurt?”

    Flawless : Ask compelling questions. Ask questions that reveal pain or emotion. Ask questions that your competition doesn’t ask.

    C. Make a verbal agreement for services to be provided. Nothing is more fatal than a prospect thinking there is more to the deal that you do.
    Flawless : Write down and repeat back all promises and terms.

    D. Negatively referring to the competition. ok, they are a bunch of dirty, rotten creeps. What’s your point? When you put them down, you degrade yourself.

    Flawless : Ask refer to the competition as “industry standard” and “my worthy competition”

    E. Following up to see if you got literature and to see if you have any questions. The salesman thinks that he is being seen as “helpful and professional” but actually he is a pest and looks dumb.

    Flawless : Call with ideas and smart questions.







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