The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity


The-Chinese-Way-coverBy Michael Justin Lee (2012)

Here are some things I learn from the book.

  1. Obtain a fine education and then apply it.
  2. Go Mobile ad go global in pursuit of opportunity. People who have the stomach to leave their homeland in the first place, leaves everything behind, very likely have the stuff that converts big dreams to reality.
  3. Create a guanxi network. Top salespeople ferret out opportunities to perform a good turn, thereby establish a likelihood that the recipient will at least listen to a sales pitch at an appropriate time in the future.
  4. Debts inhibit wealth creation.
  5. Sow early, sow often. The more money you sow in the early years, the more you will reap in later years.
  6. Let time and miracle of compound interest do your heavy lifting for you.
  7. Utilize the advantages for tax code to make more money work for you.
  8. Greater attention must be paid to defer gratification.
  9. It is good to at least own a property for your own primary residence.
  10. Gambling is a great barrier to prosperity.

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