Million Dollar Prospecting Techniques


milliondollar 1999 by the MDRT Center for Productivity

Success in prospecting goes beyond having the right skills and applying best systems. You need to have the following :
1. The right attitude plus activity is a guaranteed formula for success. Experience, knowledge and a market are essential, but without the proper attitude, these attributes mean very little.

2. Authenticity – To sell a product, you must be convinced of its value and able to convince others accordingly. To convince them, you must gain your client’s confidence that you are acting in their best interest.

3. Defending call reluctance – When approaching prospects, you must psyche yourself to succeed. Expect rejections and project victories. They will come.

4. Applying your strengths – Learn as much as you can about prospecting. Learning leads to knowledge, and that knowledge often engenders enthusiasm. The more you know, the more you want to know.

5. Overcoming those fear of rejection – Work hard, practice, and it’s your business. Selling your products and service is your business, and if you’re going to survive and succeed in it, you have to work, practice and continually learn about your business.

Here are 6 point guides for getting more prospecting opportunities, seeing more people and making more sales when everyone seems to be saying no :

  1. Be sure you are competent.
  2. Know your prospect’s business
  3. Be prepared to demonstrate cost savings
  4. Stress quality
  5. Become an educator
  6. Be patient

Sales professionals must have prospects. To assure a continuous stream of “live” prospects, devote a regular amount of time to this effort each day. There are a few suggestions that follow should assist you in the selection, development and maintenance of a qualified list of prospects.

Suggestion 1 : Be keen observer
Suggestion 2 : Tell what you do
Suggestion 3 : Create an endless chain of prospects
Suggestion 4 : Cold canvassing
Suggestion 5 : Advertising and Direct Mail
Suggestion 6 : The Telephone
Suggestion 7 : Company Activities, Exhibits and Demonstrations
Suggestion 8 : Libraries and lists

Education is not about the pursuit of knowledge, it’s about the pursuit of significance. It’s about making a difference with your life. It’s about adding value to your work and those around you. It’s about giving all you can give and maximizing your talents. Knowledge is something you get along the way.


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