Essential Time Management


timemgt By Brett Hilder (2011)
Time can be defined as the occurrence of a sequence of events. Self management is the key to time management. Plan to gain more skills, knowledge and strategies. You must set goals that are
1) Specific
2) Measureable
3) Have a realistic time frame
4) Well communicated
5) Written down
Draw up a list of all the tasks that you have to do. Categorise them into

1) Important and Urgent
– A task is important is important if your job or business depends on it. It is urgent if a dateline is attached.

2) Important and Less Urgent
– This category of work is important to success. These tasks are important because they help you leap ahead in the way you perform at work or significantly grow your business. For example, being trained in a software application that will help increase your productivity. If you get a day’s one on one coaching, that you will be able to use 80% of the features immediately. The result would be a reduction in the amount of time spend on related work. The temptation is not to proceed with the training because of the press of daily urgencies.

3) Urgent and Less Important
– Task is urgent if there is a dateline attached but it is less important because it is not vital work you are doing.

4) Busy Work
– These are tasks that can be done but are not crucial. Doing them will not significantly advance the work or business that you are involved in now.

5) Wasted Time
– Activities that you indulge in which does not bring you closer to the achievement of your goals.


Draw up a box and divide into 4 quadrants as above. You should first do tasks in
1) Quadrant 1 : Important and urgent
2) Quadrant 2 : Important and Less urgent
3) Quadrant 3 : Urgent and Less important
4) Quadrant 4: Less Urgent and Less important

Your Personal Energy Curve (PEC) is a line on a graph that plots your energy levels over the course of a normal work day. Perform your most important tasks such as decision making when you are at natural highs. Exercise to raise your PEC.


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