Click millionaires


Click Millionaires Lifestyle Entrepreneur Book 125By Scott Fox (2012)

Scott Fox mentioned a few success principles to be click millionaires :

1. Help People

The best place to start a business is where people need help. Finding demand for products and services is a smarter investment of your time than researching suppliers of products that nobody may want.


2. Expert Credibility

Today a new type of expert – the “trusted friend” is emerging. You can use your own real-life experiences and expertise to position yourself as one of this new breed of experts online, even if you don’t have “official” expert credibility. Establishing yourself, your business and your website as a credible authority in whatever field you are serving will help you make money online.


3. Automation

A properly constructed Click Millionaire business system uses automation to create a worldwide sales force that never sleeps!


4 Outsourcing

You can keep costs down by not hiring full-time employees. In fact it can be a lot more efficient and cheaper to only hire contractors for each specific project you need completed.



5. Audience Content Creation

Audience content creation is when participation from your audience helps to create your products for you.

Examples of valuable audience-generated content can include :
– Comments on your blog
– Guest posts submitted by audience members
– Forum or discussion board conversations.
– Classified ads or personal profile listings.
– Review of products.
– Directory information entries.


6. Scalability

Automation, outsourcing and audience content creation are all examples of a key Millionaire concept called “scalability.” Scaling well means that your business can grow without requiring lots more money and with less of your personal involvement too. Many small businesses fail because their owners don’t plan ahead for how their business will scale to handle more customers.


7. Recurring Revenue

One of the best ways to make more money, more easily online today is to replace one-time sales with automatically renewing subscriptions. This means that your customers pay you not just once but repeatedly over time.



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