The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs


By Carmine Gallo (2011)

Based on this book, there are 7 principles from Steve Jobs that will force a person to “think differently”.
1. Principle 1 : Do what you love

Study people who have followed their passion. Talk to them. You may get some insights  on how they made a transition from working at something that didn’t engage them to doing what they love.

Do you have interests outside of what you do for a living? If so, explore them. You may be surprised at how you can translate those passions into financial success. Try something new this year. Take a course, read a book or attend a conference that has nothing to do with your job.

Do what you love. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking . Don’t settle.


2. Principle 2 : Put a dent in the universe

Never underestimate the power of a bold vision to move society forward. Give yourself permission to dream big. Create a vision for your brand that inspires you to get up each morning. Put your vision to the test. Make sure your vision fits easily in a Twitter post of 140 characters or fewer.

See yourself having already accomplished your vision, regardless of how far it is in the future. Passion is the fuel that gives you energy to reach your dreams, but vision provides the road map.


3. Principle 3 : Kick-Start your brain

According to Steve jobs, “Creativity is just connecting things”. Use analogies or metaphors to think about a problem. By finding similarities between two very different things, your brain makes new and sometimes profound connections. Leave your comfort zone from time to time.

Don’t live in fear of the new. Embrace change. Embrace diversity of opinions and experiences.

Spend 15 minutes a day, asking questions that challenge status quo. Instead of asking “How”, ask “Why” and “What if”.

Seek out new experiences. If you typically read nonfiction texts, read a fiction book. If you usually choose business publications from the magazine stand, visit another category once in a while. Take every opportunity to travel. Researchers have documented that the more countries  person has lived in, the more likely the person is to leverage that experience to create innovative ideas, processes, or methods.

Hire outside of conventional norms. Most creative teams are diverse, composed of people with vastly different, but complementary talents, skills, and experiences.


4. Principle 4 : Sell Dreams, Not Products.

Commit yourself to excellence in every aspect of your business. Demand excellence in others. When it comes to your customer, it’s not about you; it’s about them. Your customers don’t care about you; they care about their dreams. They are asking themselves, “How will this product or service make my life better?” Help them fulfil their dreams and watch your sales soar.

Be your own focus group. Listening to your customer is not as valuable as knowing your customer.


5. Principle 5 : Say “No” to 1000 things

Ask yourself ” What is the deepest reason that people buy my product?” The answer should become your product’s focus. Anything that detracts from that focus should be eliminated. As a new year’s resolution, create a “stop doing” list. Cut down on the time your spend on projects or tasks that does not advance your core purpose and fulfil your passion.

Review everything about your product or service from the perspective of your customer. Ask a new year’s resolution. Create a “Stop doing” list. Cut down on the time you spend on projects or tasks that do not advance your core purpose and fulfil your passion.


6. Principle 6 : Create Insanely Great Experiences

Don’t move products. Enrich lives instead. Carefully review each customer touch point with your brand.  Look outside your industry for ideas on how to stand out from your competitors. Hire for cultural fit. Have fun. Passion is contagious.


7. Master the Message

Have a story t tell before opening Powerpoint or Keynote. Tell your story early and often. Make your brand story consistent across all platforms, presentations, website, advertising, marketing materials, social media.



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