Meatball Sundae


meatballsundaeBy Seth Godin (2007)

I guess I prefer his previous books like Linchpin and Poke the Box, cos they are easier to read. For this one, it is very confusing. Maybe too much words for his style? I donna…

He talks about certain trends, that was way back in 2007. Now it is 2014. Hence certain things have already been realized and still happening as of now..

Trend 1 :There is direct communication between producers and consumers. Thus eliminating the middle man.

Trend 2 : Amplification of the voice of the consumer and independent authorities.  In a market where everyone is a critic, the need to create products that appeal to and satisfy critics becomes urgent. The same is true for after-purchase issues of services and quality.

Trend 3 : Need for an authentic story as the number of sources increase.

Trend 4 : Extremely short attention span due to clutter.

Trend 5 : The Long Tail. Domination by hit products is fading, consumers reward providers that offer the most choices, and the economics of creating and selling a product have fundamentally changed. Find a market that hasn’t been found yet, create something so remarkable that people in the market are compelled to find you. String together enough of these markets so that you can make it into a business.


Trend 6 : Outsourcing. It is not just possible to find someone to make/code/do something for you quickly and cheaply. It is now easy. Production of physical goods  and intellectual property is based on talent and efficiency instead.

Trend 7 : Google and the dicing of everything. Now it is a pick and choose, component based solution.

Trend 8 : Infinite channels of communication.

Trend 9: Direct communication and commerce between consumers and consumers?

Trend 10 : The shifts in scarcity and abundance. Your organization is based on exploiting scarcity. Create and sell something scarce and you can earn a profit. But when scarce things become common, and common things become scarce, you need to alter what you can do all day.

What used to be abundant
1. Spare time
2. Attention
3. Ability to pollute without consequences
4. Trust
5. Sufficiently trained workers
6. Open space, clean water, and other natural resources.

Trend 11 : The triumph of big ideas. New Marketing demands ideas that force people to sit up and take notice. But big ideas can be simple.

Trend 12 : The shift from “How many” to “who”? The focus on mass is understandable if you assume that all consumers are the same but they are not.

Trend 13: The wealthy are like us. It seems like you offer very cheap things and you have good business. Or if you triple your rates and add amenities and value, you will also have good business.

Trend 14 : New gatekeepers, no gatekeepers. Now almost everyone is approachable when using the new medium. But approachable doesn’t mean you can gain by spamming folks, no matter how generous your offer might be.



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