scottgoodson_uprisingHow to build a brand and change the world By sparking cultural movements (2012)
By Scott Goodson

Just on the first page of the preface, I already discovered a spelling error. However, surprisingly this book is unlike others, in which it offers a very different perspective of the usual marketing that I know.

Passion is the only prerequisite for starting a movement. It does not need to be something to be earthshaking to qualify as a movement. It can be a phenomenon that affects a limited group of people. And it doesn’t have to be righteous or profound. It’s about the shared behaviors, attitudes, styles, influences, and beliefs the surround the “culture”.

The 5 phrases of movement marketing are Strategy, Declare, Unite, Scale and Sustain.

Sharing is the new currency. Only by doing this, you can be seen as an ally of the movement, rather than a usurper. To earn credibility, you must be transparent and eschew self promotion and hype. To get a better sense of what’s going on in the world of those people you are trying to connect with, you have to pay attention to what they’re talking about, what’s affecting their lives and what’s fueling their dreams and passions. You also must figure out where your brand or company fits into the conversation.

Companies pursuing movement marketing must figure out whom they care most about, and which potential customer groups they must be willing to sacrifice. In movement marketing, companies must be prepared to give up a certain amount of control of their message, which is never easy.

In the past, marketers’ approach is that “I’ve got a product to sell, and I need to convince people that it is better than any other competing product out there. This leads to boastful claims about the superiority of features that people may not care about anyway.  The most radical thing about “Think small” was it take a stand against something – actually most of what was accepted and popular in America culture at that time.

Example Volkswagen campaign use of white space in the “Think Small” ad was almost an act of defiance in advertising terms. Why would an advertiser pay for that space and then leave it empty? The signal to the audience was “We don’t care about the ad conventions, and neither do you, so let’s disperse with unnecessary imagery.

Restlessness + alternative idea (expressed through semiotics) + true believers + facilitation = a cultural movement

A brand or organization that’s looking to spark a movement really can’t control the first and third factors.


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