ImageHow Smart Innovation and Agile Companies will help protect our future (2010) By Patrick Dixon and Johan Gorecki

This is a book with a lot of information, very detailed. Though I may not be able to grasp all the information mentioned, but there were quite a lot of interesting things that I learn.

The book mentioned that most green tech is profitable if oil prices stay above $75 a barrel – profits may more than double with every additional $25 above that basic ceiling. Today, oil price is more than $100 a barrel, hence green tech companies will be making good money for the cost savings.

Alternative energy such as solar, wind, tides, waves, geothermal energy should be explored. Seawater can also make electricity by osmosis. Every cubic meter of river water that flows into the sea could be used to generate electricity. Fill a reservoir with sea water and another with river water. Connect the two with a large semi-permeable membrane, which allows water but not salt to pass through. Water moves across to dilute the salty reservoir, and the salty reservoir rises. Now let the salty water flow down to sea level, driving a turbine as it does so.

Carbon capture is the only way to burn fossil fuels without damaging the environment and our future may depend on it. This technology is very attractive to large energy companies because it allows them to continue their business in a less polluting way. But some scientists worry that the underground stores of carbon may leak, and that the whole idea may be a dangerous waste of effort.

There are ways to save energy and emissions on travel and logistics. Review all logistics and give teams tough energy saving targets. Make every effort to use empty lorries by selling space to other organizations.

One of the world’s greatest challenge is the lack of clean water. Wallenius has developed a way to purify water instantly without using any chemicals, killing all bacteria and viruses. It can work for public water supplies, swimming pools or in any other situation. The secret is ultraviolet light shinning into the water as it passes over a specially treated metal plate.


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