Mash Up


ImageBy Ian Sanders and David Sloly (2012)

I find the book a little disappointing cos it is very vague, does not give you a precise thing as to where to look. It does give some examples, but case studies of those interviewed are usually those in social media. The following extract is the best portion that I find in the book, giving it the main gist.

A personal unifer will give your answer clarity and make your plurality gettable. So together let’s work out your unifer so you can easily share your talents with the outside world and at the same time have a set of criteria for checking that everything you do fits. Your unifer is at the heart of your offering, and once you have identified it and communicated it to the outside world you can use it as the foundation to build upon.

Phill Jupitus may do a number of things in “showbiz”, but being a standup comedian remains his unifer. The ability to 1)think quickly, 2) raise a laugh and 3) be topical has won him roles in West End musicals and regular slots on BBC radio panel shows. Bring a stand-up gives a flexible skill set that you can apply beyond the microphone, as you can also probably act and present.


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