Million Dollar Habits Part 1

Million Dollar Habits Part 1

milliondollarhabits_detail5Million Dollar Habits by Brian Tracy

There are 3 parts to your self concept :
A) Self-Ideal : This is the ideal image of picture you have of yourself, as if you were already the very best possible you could possibly be. High performing, successful, happy people have very clear self-ideals.  Many men and women who accomplished great things had – when they were young- been avid readers of the biographies and autobiographies of successful people.

When you continually immerse your mind in the stories of men and women who have accomplished wonderful things with their lives, you unconsciously identify with those characters and actually absorb their values, virtues, and qualities into your own personality.

The lack of clarity or certainty about what constitutes an ideal person often causes an individual to go around in circles in life, to associate with negative influences, and spend time with people who are equally unclear and unfocused about “the person they want to be when they grow up.”


B) Self-Image : If you see yourself as positive, popular, productive and successful on the inside, that is exactly how you will act on the outside. One of the most important habits you can develop is to feed your mind with positive pictures and images of yourself performing at your very best. Hold that picture in your mind for as long as you possibly can. Then relax and let it go.


C) Self-Esteem : This is the feeling or emotional part of your personality. It determines the vitality and energy of your personality and is the moneycontrol valve on your performance. The rule with regard to your self-esteem is that “everything counts!” Whenever you feel that your current performance and behaviour is consistent with the best person that you can possibly be, your self-esteem goes up. You feel happier and more exhilarated. You have more energy and enthusiasm. You are more positive and personable with others.


The most powerful words you can use to take control of your personality and build you self-esteem are “I like myself”. The more you repeat the words “I like myself!” to yourself, the happier and more confident you feel and the better you perform in whatever you are doing. Brian Tracy mentioned that he had a vague self-ideal, was plagued by fears and doubts and tended to compare himself in negative terms with other people. To counter these feelings, he began to repeat “I like myself!” 10,20, and even 50 times a day, it had a remarkable impact on his personality. The more you like yourself, the less you fear failure and rejection.




7 Steps to a new habit
1. Make a decision

2. Never allow an exception

3. Tell others

4. Visualize yourself

5. Create an affirmation

6. Resolve to persist

7. Reward yourself






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