Three Act Tragedy

Three Act Tragedy

threeactBy Agatha Christie

Its the start of the new year 2013, and I have the aim to read at least 5 books per month in the new year.

Three Act Tragedy is a rather interesting plot. Actually I should have guess the murderer from the start – Sir Charles Cartwright. Usually the flamboyant and most drama person is the killer, being an actor it is hard for Sir Charles Cartwright to hide.

However, it will be good if there are some laws that state if one’s spouse is serving a life sentence in some prison or confined in a lunatic asylum, then after a period of time, the person can choose to divorce the spouse to get married again.

I like some points about this book :

1) At age 55, it is the age that a man loses his head badly about a girl – even if he hasn’t done so before.

2) Hero worship is a real and terrible danger to the young.

3) Cherchez la femme. This is a French phrase for “look for the woman”. The implication is that a man behaves out of character or in an otherwise inexplicable manner because he is trying to cover up an affair with a woman, or trying to impress or gain favor with a woman.

From this phrase, Hercule Poirot the detective found the motive for the murder. He had seen Sir Charles Cartwright loved Mademoiselle Lytton Gore  – loved her with that terrible absorbing passion that comes to a middle-aged man and which is usually inspired by an innocent young girl.

You pretended to your friend, Mr Satterthwaitz, that you were the dense lover who cannot recognize his mistress’s answering passion. You pretended to think that Miss Lytton Gore was in love with Oliver Manders. But I say, Sir Charles, that you are a man of the world. You are a man with a great experience of women. You cannot have been deceived. You knew perfectly well that Miss Lytton Gore cared for you. Why, then, did you not marry her? You wanted to do so.

It must be that there was some obstacle. What could that obstacle be? It could only be the fact that you already had a wife. But nobody ever spoke of you as a married man. You passed always as a bachelor. The marriage, then had taken place when you were very young – before you became known as a rising young actor.


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