Evil under the sun

Evil under the sun

evilunderthesunBy Agatha Christie (1941)

I am surprised at the turn of the story by Agatha Christie. The story starts with Arlena Stuart who is very attractive with men and seduces them. One such man is Patrick Redfern, thus upsetting the wife Christine Redfern. Hence everyone else in the story points that such a woman is wicked being a gold-digger and man eater.

Later Arlena Stuart is found dead. The suspicion was on the husband,whom everyone will assume that jealousy caused him to murder her.

In the end, it was found that such a woman due to her behaviour, is a fool as she can be easily blackmailed, tricked and get cheated by others for her money. All these later result in her death. Hercule Poirot is being engaged to solve the mystery.

Poirot said gravely : “Will you allow me to tell you something, Madame? Something that is as true as the stars above us? The Arlena Stuarts – or Arlena Marshalls – of this world – do not count. ”

Christine Redfern said : “Nonsense”

“I assure you, it is true. Their Empire is of the moment and for the moment. To count – really and truly to count – a woman must have goodness or brains.” Christine said scornfully :” Do you think men care for goodness or brains?”

Poirot said gravely : “Fundamentally, yes.”

Poirot then advises Christine to be patient.



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