Two little girls in blue

Two little girls in blue

By Mary Higgins Clark (2006)

It tells a story about two twin girls who got kidnapped and their mother’s agony. I feel that the story is just average, though it shows that twins have a certain telepathy towards each other.

The mastermind of the kidnapping turns out to be someone who knows them distantly, who knows that someone or their company may pay the ransom for them, hence set this up. The kidnappers turn out to be quite no-brainer who is willing to follow the instructions, bear all the risk and get only a little money from the ransom. Its quite anti-climate to find out the mastermind of the kidnapper, because he is so distant… and the motive is really plain that the person only wants money. It’s a bit disappointing to me, as I have high expectations of Mary Higgins Clark’s books.

The ending is a happy one, in which the twins are both returned safely to the parents.





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