We are all wierd

We are all wierd

The Myth of Mass and the End of Compliance (2011)
By Seth Godin

I am quite disappointed with this book, as I have read Seth Godin’s “Poke the box” before, and I have high expectations of his books. The book just emphasize that the trend is now towards a “werid” choice instead of a more normal one by the masses. You literally yawn as you read the book.

Normal begets normal. As totalitarian regimes of government or brands or event the organiations of society begin to gain power, they demand more compliance. Those who are in the tribe of normal understand that their power will increase if they can push others to comply as well.

And so the powerful spend money and media and authority to ensure compliance, until it approaches the maximum. Then an interesting thing happens – pockets of people discover that they can gain power and increase joy by being werid. So they splinter off. They spray graffiti on the wall or start their own projects or speak up.

And weird begets weird. The weird set an example for the rest of us. They raise the bar; they show us through their actions that in fact we’re wired to do the new, not to comply with someone a thousand miles away. That’s where we are as a culture right now – on the up part of the curve.


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