Coffee with Oscar Wilde

Coffee with Oscar Wilde

By Merlin Holland (2007)

The author Merlin Holland is the only grandson of Oscar Wilde. The family was forced to change their surname to Holland after the trial of Oscar’s homosexuality. Thus the family has never reverted to the name Wilde.


Oscar wrote many works including “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, which was described as an immoral and obscene work dealing with sodomitical and unnatural practices. His unnatural relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas, resulting in a trial lead him to be convicted of homosexual practices and sentenced to two years with hard labour.


I felt quite sad reading the book. Sometimes, in life it is important to meet the right friends and not be lead astray by bad characters. If Oscar Wilde had not met Lord Alfred Douglas, perhaps his reputation and family will all be intact. Artistic people who may be lead by curiousity to be adventurous in life, could be lead astray by people who have such bad habits.


Though Oscar Wilde wrote several literacy greats, I have never read it yet other than ‘The Happy Prince’. Sometimes in this world, there are too many books written. No matter how great a literacy work is, it is not good to leave a book in this world that explores of a sexual or violent nature. This will lead more people to be curious and may want to venture to unnatural sexual practice too.


I feel sad for his wife who has to bear with all the blunt of his doings. She has to change her surname and leave the country with the children to start life all over again at another place.


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