The Social Customer

The Social Customer

How brands can use social CRM to acquire, monetize, and retain fans, friends, and followers (2011)

By Adam Metz

I am quite disappointed to read “The Social Customer”. It could be that I am the wrong targeted audience for this book.

There are numerous chapters in the book that I find it poorly structured and it is very confusing for someone who really has no idea about CRM or other tools mentioned in the book.

Just imagine if I am running a small company and I wish to find out what are the things to take note and tools to use if I wish to let my small company develop a social presence online. However, this book just gives too much information and it makes me more confused than ever. I will need to find another book on social media to read.


Nevertheless, I do learn a few things from the book:

1. If you want to let your band be a good social object, you need a good or differentiated product or service. It’s only good if it is a win win situation for employees, suppliers, vendors, ex-employees and customers. If 90% of your former employees are slamming the company, then it will be useless to have many fans on Facebook for your brand.


2. It takes time to amass a community on social web. If you help people control their own lives and fulfil their own agendas, and you’re nonobtrusive and valuable, and provide memorable experiences, they will like you.


3. A simple social contest under $1,000 can be held to use as feedback from customers. Example Tropicana Orange Juice, part of the PepsiCo brand family launched a full-scale package redesign of their products. Customers complaints ensued to the point that they reverted back to the original packaging one month later.

If Tropicana Orange Juice had done a simple social contest or post their new design on Facebook or Twitter, they would have gather the feedback from the customers instead of getting all the responses after the redesign and packaging had been done.


4. Tools : For small business, you can consider using Lithium for customer relationship management (CRM) on social media. For medium and larger businesses, you can consider Radian6 or RightNow Cloud Monitor. For a nice basic product, you can consider HootSuite.


5. There are a series of social commence brands like Payvment, Cartfly and BeeShopy. They specialize in the “widgetization” of consumer-packaged goods and clothin, and most work either only on certain social web platforms like Facebook or on the social web.




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