The 2020 Workplace Part 2 – How to get ready for the future workplace

The 2020 Workplace Part 2 – How to get ready for the future workplace

How innovative companies attract, develop, and keep tomorrow’s employees today (2010) By Jeanne C.Meister and Karie Willyerd

This book has so much information that I can highlight only some main points. If you are interested to know more, I think it is good to pick this book up for reading.

To build a culture that will enable performance at the highest levels in the 2020 workplace, HR should initiate the following :

1. Adopt a global mind-set

Develop an organizational capacity to work with a geographically dispersed set of employees, customers, partners, and suppliers from diverse cultures across time, space, geographies, and organizational boundaries.

Evaluate your global leadership mix; encourage early career global assignments. Ensure that promotions to executive positions reflect the global makeup of your customer and revenue base.

2. Build a reputation for being socially responsible.

The United Nations Global Compact on Corporate Accountability is a good reference document for reporting on corporate social responsibility. Issue a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report as an addendum to the shareholders’ annual report. Ensure that your organization’s commitment to CSR is clear, quantitative, and inspiring.


3. Become uber- connected.

Conduct a social media boot camp. Find out how the marketing function is using social media to reach its customers. Use some of the platforms to enable a two way dialogue with your employees. Hire Millennial interns to work with your organization to draft a plan for using social media to connect employees.


4. Personalize the employee experience.

Create internal directories with pictures; advance to social networking platforms to encourage further personalization. Work with the IT function to allow employees to select their own desktop equipment and tools within a range of parameters. Create a policy regarding telecommuting, including guidelines to assist employees in setting up home offices.


5. Enable customer-focused innovation.

Encourage open innovation across all functions. Hold a company Idea Jam on a specific issue, and invite everyone to attend who wants to. Create a public space to allow your customers and others to offer ideas. Ensure that someone from product development monitors, gleans, and synthesizes the ideas.


6. Champion openness and transparency.

Create a forum that outlines a major decision or strategy the company is considering; allow employees to react and offer their ideas.


7. Emphasize learning agility.

Insist on learning reviews after each major customer win or loss to determine casual factors and to build a common understanding for the next customer proposal.


8. Build citizen leadership

Develop a pervasive approach that reinforces the principles of openness and democracy through access to information and social collaboration in order to deliver sustainability and integrity within the society in which the organization operates.

Ensure that your leadership team is blogging, and begin opening two-way dialogues about important decisions.


9. Drive systems thinking.

Design and connect systemically across functions and bodies of knowledge, understanding their interdependencies, to gain a competitive advantage at the organizational level.

Review the objectives, goal sheets or playbooks for each major function in the organization. Rather than thinking about perforamnce and expectation of each unit, step back and look at how the whole fits together. Where could objectives actually work against each other? Are people’s rewards tied to overall success across a sustainable set of objectives? You can read more information at by Peter Senge.


10.  Create an inclusive culture.

Build a welcoming corporate environment and employer brand that are sensitive to culture, ethnicity, race, age and other differences, and that provide equitable access to opportunities, products and services for employees, suppliers and customers.

Arrange to be reverse-mentored by someone as different from you as possible. At organizational level, it is good to put some teeth into the people review process to ensure not only that diverse candidates are considered but that final decisions end up reflecting the overall employee population of the company.




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