Love Medicine

Love Medicine

By Louise Erdrich (1984)

This is Louise Erdrich’s first novel. It talks mainly about 2 indian families interconnected through a love triangle from the earlier generation between Marie, Nector, and Lulu. Subsequently, it tells about their children and grandchildren somehow have their fate interconnected with one another.


The story is loosely connected. Nector sets fire by accident to Lulu’s house and I guess because of this, it ends the relationship. Nector becomes old, looses his memory and eventually passes away upon choking. Surprisingly his death releases the two ladies Marie and Lulu and they become good friends.

In life, sometimes a person pines for their first love. If they are unable to be with that first love in marriage, it may result in affairs later on in life when they meet again. Example Lulu and Nectar had a 5 year affair with each other after they met again.


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