The Power of Six Sigma

The Power of Six Sigma

An inspiring tale of how six sigma is transforming the way we work (2001)
By Subir Chowdhury

If you are someone who has totally no clues of what is six sigma, then this is the first book you should read to find out more. It is very easy to read, entertaining and by the end of the story, you get a rough idea of what is six sigma and how it benefits the organization.

Six Sigma is a management philosophy focused on eliminating mistakes, waste, and rework. It establishes a measurable status to achieve and embodies a strategic problem-solving method to increase customer satisfaction and dramatically enhance the bottom line.  It is not simply to improve quality for the sake of improving quality, but to make customers happier and add money to the bottom line.


Clearly defined roles are an important part of Six Sigma. The Black Belts and the Master Black Belts are the only people in the chain who work full-time on the six sigma project and only the six sigma project.The Executives and Champions might decide what gets done, but it’s the master black belts and black belts who figures out how to get it done.


The five main points of Six Sigma are :

1. Define the problem

The more accurately you define the problem, the more precise your target, the better your chances are for hitting the bull’s eye. Pick the problem that is giving you the most trouble, the one that’s costing the company the most, the one that is making customers unhappy – the one that that will reward you the most if you can fix it.

2. Measure the problem – Measure where you are and where you want to go
3. Analyze the data
4. Improve the situation
5. Control the activity after you fix it to make sure it don’t slip



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