A tale of the i.ching

A tale of the i.ching

How the Book of Changes Began (2005)
By Wu Wei

The first 3 chapters talk about how Fu Hsi get to know his first disciple, Tan. The village elders send eight ablest young men to be Fu Hsi’s disciple. Tan who often spent his time wandering the hills, shirking his duties was not chosen by the elders to be among the young men to be selected to go see Fu Hsi. But in the end, the chosen one was Tan.

“Why is he not among you?” asked Fu Hsi.
“He wanted to come; he tried for days,” said the young man. “His mother and father gave evidence before the council, but the elders wouldn’t consider it. I overheard one of them say that Tan is the last person in the village he would think of sending.” And then he added in a low voice, as if he were trying to amuse his friends,”He said he’d rather send a cow.”

There were titters of laughter from the other young men. Fu Hsi smiled inwardly and nodded, thinking how just it was, how fitting, that the lad whom the elders considered least in the village, for whom they had no regard, no respect, the one that even his peers regarded with disdain, was probably the one he was seeking, the messenger to whom he would pass along the great wisdom.


“Modesty,” said Fu Hsi severly, “is to be prized in a man above all other qualities. The man who boasts of himself is like a rooster crowing in the fields; he invites the fox. It is human nature to despise the boaster and to love the man of modesty.”


“Fu Hsi said that I am to tell you that the selection was not based upon merit, or character, or devotion to duty, or any particular ability. He said that the selection was made at the beginning of time, and that all succeeding generations of wisdom keepers have also been so selected, each to take his place in the procession at the appointed time.”


If depends on the action you took during the condition of “Waiting In the Face of Danger.” If you were wise and took the correct steps, you would have caused the onset of the condition of “Peaceful Prosperity and harmony, heaven on earth”. If you were unwise and engage in foolish action, you would have cause the onset of the condition of “Persecution” or another of the conditions that are dangerous and unpleasant. Generally speaking, by acting in a certain manner, you can cause the onset of any condition that you desire.




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