The Secret of "The Secret"

The Secret of "The Secret"

Unlocking the mysteries of the runaway bestseller  (2007)

By Karen Kelly

This book explores the explosive sucesss of The Secret as well as the people and ideas behind it. There are both praises and criticisms. Basically, I think the idea I get from the book is that it is no use just thinking. You have to take action too. You can think all day, but without doing, it will not work.

Much of The Secret is directed at the acquisition of wealth, its promotional trailers dramatize old-time business tycoons hiding the Secret from their employee and keeping the information all to themselves. Yet, the three business titans mentioned – Andrew Carnegie, William Clement Stone and Henry Ford didn’t keep their success strategies closeted in the least.

Andrew Carnegie was not a man of faith and did not believe that a supreme being was responsible for his divine wealth. Nor did he think his success was due to hard work, especially since he had gotten to the point where he needed to spend only a few hours a day managing his business. He outlined his conclusion in a 1906 essay “Gospel of Wealth II” that an individual’s wealth was a product of his community. The railroad stock would have remained worthless had the communities his railroads served not soared in population.

W.Clement Stone thinks that in order for a thought to be manifested in reality, it had to be followed by action. You can’t just sit around and think good thoughts. You’ve got to do something about them. “Regular investment in study, thinking, and planning time, plus following through with action work! Given the necessary experience of doing the right thing the right way, you get the right results consistently. And when you do, work becomes fun.”

Another aspect of The Secret, which has been met with anger and skepticism, is the conviction that thinking positively can cure disease – cancer included. The book’s simplification opens gullible and desperate sick people to scams and dangerous behavior too.

This book is a little boring. I mean oh okie it repeats the same old stuff…. ahhhh….. at the end of the day, you can dream or think the whole day. But nothing will come out of it without any action.




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