Why are the Jews successful? ????????

Why are the Jews successful? ????????

By Cai Xiao Gang (2008)

This is a chinese motivational book which looks into some of the factors to determine why are many of the Jews very successful people in their individual areas, professions or niche.

1. They value intelligence more than knowledge.
The Jews value continuous lifelong learning. Due to a person’s limited resource, time and physical restraint, the books enable one to learn new technology and information from others’ experience and learning. Firstly, it is important to be an expert to find useful learning materials, and not blindly follow through.

(I think this is very true. I should have read more review about Ernest Hemingway books before deciding on the books to read. This will have save much time and frustration.)

Secondly, it is important to have a focus on what you want to learn. Thirdly, you can make use of other people’s knowledge through their reading. Fourly, it is important to learn and communicate with others.
2. Knowledge is more important than money.
The Jews give the same due respect for teachers as compared to their parents. The Jews put a lot of effort to educate their young ones.

3. They look upon adversities as an opportunity in their life.

4. They value time more than money.

5. They don’t blindly follow the authorities.

6. They try to be kind to others and be happy themselves.

7. Listening is more important than tallking.

8. They do not abuse money. They usually start from somewhere which does not require their capital. (using other people’s money)


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