The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea

By Ernest Hemingway (1952)

The story is basically about an old man Santiago, who had not been able to catch any fish for a long time. One day, he went out to sea and he struggled with a big fish to catch it. Finally, he catch it, but the sharks ate the meat of the big fish and he returned with the bones to show it.

Well, a lot of people mentioned about how much the story tells a lot about courage and life in general. But really, I was quite bored throughout the whole story in my first reading, and the only thing I am really glad, is that the story is short.

When I read the book the second time slowly, I feel that I can understand and appreciate the story better. Ernest Hemingway has a very beautiful and simple writing style that you can imagine the scenario as you read it.

Ernest Hemingway really described the battle between the old man and the big fish very graphically and imaginatively. I was looking through the reviews about this book. Someone mentioned that if you really want to appreciate the story, you should read it again when you are older in life.

One thing that I understand from the story is that the old man is prepared to die to catch the big fish. It just shows that even if age and health are not on your side, you can still catch your fish or your dream if you are prepared to lay down even your life. From the story, the old man’s hands had some problems, and it crampled, that he was in pain while he catch the big fish.


“He rubbed the cramped hand against his trousers and tried to gentle the fingers. But it would not open.”

“He is a great fish and I must convince him, he thought. I must never let him learn his strength nor what he could do if he made his run. If I were him I would put in everything now and go until something broke. But, thank God, they are not as intelligent as we who kill them; although they are more noble and more able.”

Many a times, the old man prayed to God when he needed help. I guess it comes to show that when we are at a loss, it is good to pray to God so that one will feel better.






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