The Diamond Cutter

The Diamond Cutter

The Buddha on Managing your business and your life
By Geshe Michael Roach (2000)

This is a very different book. I am not sure how true it is, but if you are open to it and you have strong belief in it, you can try to practice to see whether it works for you. I find it quite refreshing to read it from a different perspective.

Roach, who while being a monk helped build a $100 million business, demonstrates how ancient notions in The Diamond Cutter sutra can help you succeed, and if you’re in business that means to make money, a lot of it. Drawing on lessons he learned in the diamond
business and years in Buddhist monasteries, Roach shows how taking care of others is the ultimate path to taking care of oneself, even–especially–in business.

I took some business problems Roach mentioned in the book and the solutions he provide. I am only mentioning about 10 biz problems he mentioned. But there are more examples. You can buy his book and read more about it.

Biz problem #1 : The competition is ruthless and always seems to get the upper hand when you go head to head with it.

Solution : One of the main causes for this particular phenomenon is speaking harshly to others. Avoid rough talk, consistently, over an extended period of time.


Biz problem #2 : Your position in the company is unstable, you seem to be losing your authority.
Solution :
Be very careful never to treat others around you with arrogance; come down to their level, sit with the troops, listen to those who work with you.


Biz problem #3 : You want to make a purchase of another company; you see a business opportunity that’s sure-fire but which is going to need some cash,and you’re having trouble raising it.

Solution :

Stop being a cheapskate in your business dealings and your personal life. Give, give,give to others; make sure deals are win-win for both sides. It is not the amount of money involved, it is maintaining – all day long – a truly generous, creative, flowing state of mind that wants to see everybody prosper.


Biz problem #4 : External failures, what they call “acts of God” – natural problems like bad weather or city infrastructure problems or power shortages – are hurting your business.

Solution :

Be very careful to keep your promises, especially commitments you have made to stick to certain principles in how you conduct your business dealings and your personal life.


Biz problem #5 : Over and over, when you get deep into a deal with anybody, he or she seems to turn around and stab you in the back.

Solution : This imprint is due to a very specific attitude towards others. When we see someone else fail in any activity – we feel some small, private feelings of satisfaction or smugness over that person’s trouble. To prevent this imprint, try to feel empathy with anyone who’s having a problem, even a competitor. Be good to people on the way up; you might meet them again on the way down.


Biz problem #6 : Corruption is a problem in your business; in its regulation by government, in the way companies interact, in the way individual employees behave.

Solution : Consciously take joy in the success of everyone around you – little successes, big successes, success by your firm or success by the competition. Admire a job well done, no matter who does it, and refuse to give in to the base emotion of jealousy over another person’s happiness.


Biz problem #7 : The people around you, whether fellow employees or managers, customers or suppliers, never believe what you have to say, even though you’re telling the truth. OR Whenever you undertake any form of cooperative effort – be it a group project, a partnership for some business goal, or the merger of your company with another – it doesn’t seem to work out.

Solution : Be strictly accurate in your words. Have complete honesty in what you say. Avoid small lies. If you keep it up over a good period of time, you’ll see your own credibility honoured throughout your firm and the marketplace in which you move – it’s a great feeling, and also quite profitable.


Biz problem #8 : Your boss often speaks to you in an insulting way.

Solution : Be very careful to manage anger whenever it comes up to your mind. The real way to eliminate those people in your office who really irritate you – not by shooting them or anything like that, but by refusing to perpetuate violence with them. If you are kind enough long enough to anyone who is insulting you, if you refuse on a consistent basis to respond to negativity with negativity, then you will very gradually and very certainly see these kinds of people leave your life.


Biz problem #9 : The business projects you undertake have smooth sailing at first, and then turn sour.

Solution : This relates to gratitude. Take the time, and take the care, to show your sincere thanks, on a constant basis, to all those in the support network around you. You maintain a constant basis, thoughts of gratitude – that you really appreciate, as you look down at your bowl of cereal in the morning, that hundreds or thousands of people have sacrificed those very percious moments of a brief human life to bring this food to your table. This kind of thinking is in very short supply in the modern world, and feel great once you start. Try it!


Biz problem #10 : No one in the company respects what you have to say; every suggestion you make is ignored or considered stupid.

Solution : Avoid engaging in meaningless talk or frivolous chatter.


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