High Profile

High Profile

By Robert B.Parker (2007)

The story seems exciting but I feel that certain parts does not make sense. Two dead bodies are found subsequently. One is of a well-known political commentator Walton Weeks, and the other of Week’s pregnant assistant, Carey Longley.

Walton Weeks was a philanderer, and the sort of too much sex and roving eyes got him into trouble when he finally found a woman he love and was looking forward to the birth of his first child.  First of all, he was so bad that he tried to hit on his bodyguard’s wife. That was the start of problems.

The bodyguard Lutz and wife decided to exploit on Walton’s philandering ways, Lutz’s wife Lorrie even married Walton and they hoped to get his inheritance and estate eventually. However another woman Carey Longley got into the picture and ruined their plans.

What I don’t understand is that why will there be such a man Lutz who will do all the killing and carried on these burden when the mastermind is the ex-wife???  Reasonable??? Could it be blind love???? oh well, I find that the story does not end well, and it does not explain a lot of details. Anyway, all murder usually boil down to two main motives, money and women.

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