Blue Screen


By Robert B.Parker (2007)

Just while I was getting addicted to read Parker’s books, this book featuring both detectives Sunny Randall and Jesse Stone damaged my enthusiasm.

I guess of the detectives for Parker’s books, only the ones featuring Spenser are more readable. Anyway, I am addicted to reading Parker’s books for the time being, so I will just bitch about it and still continue reading them till I am totally off it.

The later books by Parker seem more to be make for movie or drama sitcoms – especially there were so much sex, heat and more sex even between the two detectives.

 Oh yes, I hate a male detective being called Jesse – my goodness, at first I thought it was a lady’s name. And the female detective is called Sunny Randall. Her real name is called Sonya Randall, but she decides that Sunny is a better name. I feel that it really sound sick.

Buddy Bollen is a C-list movie mogul who tried to cheat on the crime boss financer Moon. Moon had invested large amount of monies in the movies. The story does not seem to flow. It seem like Erin and secret husband accidentally kill Misty (Erin’s sister) in the story. However, it does not make sense as it seem that Erin has always been quite protective of her younger sister. It was due to dire circumstances, that they were left as orphans and forced to work as hookers to survive. This storyline sound very similar again… seems like it is a repeat of part of Hundred-Dollar Baby and Sea Change.

The one thing I learn is that for movie stars or movie investors, it is better to sign a movie deal with a piece of the gross or some based fixed income.

Tony Gault told me that if you sign onto a movie deal and don’t know much, you could end up with a percentage of the profit. “Uh-huh.” “And he told me that there were accountants out there who could make it look Gone with the Wind didn’t a profit.” “Which is why you’re better off.” Jesse said, “with a piece of the gross.”

Gone with the Wind is a box-office hit which must have made lots of money. So if accountants can come up with creative accounting to make even such a movie seem loss making, then I guess all sort of fake accounts can be superficially done up.  This remind me of a book “Money,Greed and Power” by Andrew Chia, in which he mentioned that financial intelligent people never use audit reports as their sole decision-making tool. This is because even international accounting firms have been known to collaborate to cook up the books like the Enron scandal.

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