Widow’s Walk

Widow’s Walk

By Robert B.Parker (2002)

This is the first Spenser novel that I read from Robert B. Parker. I would say his books are quite addictive, especially they are quick reads that you can basically finish it within 4 -5 hours.

There are a lot of twist and turns in the story to make it quite interesting. The plot is quite complex. However, I am quite disappointed with the ending, that the story is not given a good explaination of how the man Nathan Smith is being killed, and we never know who really is the killer, though the mastermind is being caught.

Nathan Smith, 51 is found dead in bed with a hole in his head and his young wife is being suspected of murder. Spenser is being hired to look into the case. At the initial stage, Spenser being a very seasoned detective thinks the wife is not the killer.

“So why do you think she didn’t do it? Other than professionalism.” “It justn’t doesn’t feel right. She doesn’t feel right. If she did it, wouldn’t she have a better alibi than I was downstairs watching Channel Five?” “You said she wasn’t very bright” “She appears to be very dumb,”I said. “But wouldn’t she have at least a faked a break-in? Window broken? Door lock jammed? Something? How dumb is dumb?”

Well this book just goes to show that if one has some money with social standing and has dark secrets such as Nathan Smith having a special sexual preference for young boys, it is asking for trouble that one day someone will blackmail him.The detective was trying to find some trails of a sexual partner of Mr Nathan Smith to find out more.

“You know,” I said, “prior to Mary Smith, I cannot find any sign of a sex partner for Nathan Smith.”
“How old was he when he got married?”
“Fifty-one,” I said.
“Children?” Susan said. “With Mary?”
“No. But she told me he was friendly with a number of young boys.”
“Maybe you’re looking for the wrong kind of sex partner,” Susan said.

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