Sea Change

Sea Change

By Robert B.Parker (2006)

Robert B. Parker is one of the recommended list of mystery writers that I have seen at National Library or on the internet. However, I do not rate his books positively so far, it is not substantial reading. Maybe, it is because I have not read his best books yet. His books can be considered quick read.

Sea Change is about a disturbing story of incest and murder between father and daughters. This leads to destruction of his daughters’ lives, in which all of them have money from the family, lead sexually active lives, does nothing but sex and parties all day. The plot here is a little more interesting than the story ‘ Spare Change’, there is a twist in it. But I would say the story seems more suited to be adapted to a pornographic movie. Not really worth the time to read it, rate this one as 2 stars out of 5.

It is quite depressing to read such a book, that there are no aims in lives for some of the characters, only sex. Actually, one day whether young, pretty or handsome looking, all these will come to past. In old age, the features and body parts mostly will be sagged and folded, like a crumpled paper. Some people will be so sickly of all the sex, and look ill and horrible like a ghost.

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