Let the northern lights erase your name

Let the northern lights erase your name

By Vendela Vida (2007)

This book introduce a very heavy topic in which the main character Clarissa realise that she is a child conceived because her mother was raped. The rapist eventually become a lunatic, though it was suspected that when he was born, he was already quite abnormal.

The story moves quite fast. I donna whether do you call it retribution, in the sense that Clarissa was also raped at one of the camp events and she got pregnant. Due to this event, she understood her mother’s feeling better, and why she left the family to start a new life herself again.

In some ways, Clarissa does follow in her mother’s footsteps, but she is less ruthless than her mother, and in other ways, she breaks away from the cycle of betrayal and parental neglect.

People in the modern world do not believe in retribution. But according to some religions, there is such a thing called karma. Hence, one bad turn did to another person will eventually come back to hunt the person who started the whole thing.

I think the author is very unique to use such a title for a book. She mentioned that the poem “Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name” is by a contemporary Sami poet named Marry Ailoniedia Somby. The poem seemed to connect directly with Clarissa’s plight – she was searching for the truth of her own identity under the strange sky of Lapland.

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