The Story of Success

By Malcolm Gladwell

This time round, I choose to read the chinese version of Outliers. The chinese title is called “Yi Lei” which suggest aliens or beings that are different.

Gladwell claims family background, culture, luck, privilege, and circumstances of various sorts together determine success, not individual effort and talent.

In this book, it is examined that the famous athletes are usually born in the early part of the year – in months of Jan, Feb and Mar etc. This is very evident especially in the Canadian baseball teams. The Canadian baseball team matches have a rule that a boy neds to be 9 years old before 1st January. The months of difference in their growing up years will affect their development. Hence, in this case, the circumstances affect the talents in the national baseball team.

There was the famous 10,000 hours rule.  

The greatest athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians and scientists emerge only after spending at least three hours a day for a decade mastering their chosen field. Ability, according to Gladwell, is just one factor in success. Work ethic, luck, a strong support base and even being born in the right year play a far larger role. This 10,000-hour rule  applies virtually everywhere. You can’t become a chess grand master unless you spend 10,000 hours on practice.

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