The Five Wisdom Energies by Irini Rockwell

The Five Wisdom Energies by Irini Rockwell

A Buddhist Way of Understanding Personalities, Emotions and Relationships.

This book invites us to celebrate our strengths and work with our weaknesses by learning to identify and utilize five basic personal styles or energies. Written in a playful and accessible way, this is the first general-audience book on a Tibetan Buddhist system known as “the five buddha families”—an insightful way of understanding human behavior and promoting personal growth.

1. Varja (Color : Blue)
– People with physical manifestations of varja qualities are : leaders, dentists, diplomats, scientists, surgeons, engineers, programmers, samuarai. They dress with simple lines, solid colors or geometric patterns.
Passion : Wanting to know
Intensified emotion : anger, hot or cold.
Neurotic activities : intellectualizing, overanalyzing
Concerns : boundaries, making things right, being disciplined
Defence : sticking to own concepts, rigid, distrancing self from others
Fear : emotional intimacy

2. Ratina (Color : Yellow)
– People with physical manifestations of ratina qualities are : Kings, Queens, Jewish mothers, cooks. Their style of dress is rich, colourful, lots of ornamentation.

Passion : Wanting it all
Intensified emotion : greed and pride fed by poverty mentality.
Neurotic activities : overindulgence.
Concerns : wanting to emcompass everything and everyone.
Defence : arrogance, amassing anything, spiritual or material.
Fear : insubstantiality, not having enough.

3. Padma (Color : Red)
– People with physical manifestations of padma qualities are : people people, performers, therapists, babies, adolescents, sorority sisters. Their style of dress is flash, colourful and sexy.

Passion : Wanting to feel.
Intensified emotion : clinging passion, comparison to others.
Neurotic activities :  fantasizing, manipulating.
Concerns : Communication, self-image, pleasure.
Defence : desire to please.
Fear :Boredom, mediocrity, rejection.

4. Karma (Color : Green)
– People with physical manifestations of karma qualities are : military personnel, newspaper reporters, workaholics, athletes, dancers, laborers, social activists. Their style of dress is plain, functional, drab colors.

Passion : Wanting to do
Intensified emotion : Jealousy fed by paranoia and comparison.
Neurotic activities : Driven Busyness
Concerns : Making sure things get done.
Defence : taking control
Fear :failure

5. Buddha (Color : white)
– People with physical manifestations of buddha qualities are : Spiritual teachers, dignified peasants. Their style of dress is simple, muted colors.

Passion : Wanting to just be.
Intensified emotion : Ignorance or denial fed by insecurity.
Neurotic activities : immobility and dullness
Concerns : nondoing
Defence : shutting down, tunnel vision.
Fear :Intrusion

Working with the five energies is an expansion of our awareness and a spontaneous way of preceiving the world. It is a pth of insight, not a conceptual overlay. We could think of working with the five energies as a way to contemplate whatever we encounter, an opportunity to see the world through rainbow glasses.


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