Where are you now? By Mary Higgins Clark

Where are you now? By Mary Higgins Clark

Years ago, a college student named Charles (“Mack”) MacKenzie walked out of his life for no apparent reason. Since then, once a year, he calls his mother to assure her that he’s all right, and to ask her not to look for him. Now, Mack’s younger sister, Carolyn, has decided to find him. At the same time, there were quite a few missing women.

There were many suggestions that point to Mack being the person of interest for those missing women. At one point, the story seems to lead on with the suggestion that the brother may be a psychopath. However, it was revealed at the end that he was killed because he got suspicious that Uncle Elliot had cheated the trust money.

I guess what the story tells me is that, when there is money involved, people can resort to all sorts of things to murder. The murderers have to make everyone think that Mack is still alive so that the trust funds won’t be examined, hence every year on Mother’s Day he would pretend in Mack’s voice to call home.

I liked the way the story is structured. Though right from the start, I already suspect that Mack is probably dead. It was mentioned that even when the Dad passed away, he did not come home.


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