I heard that song before By Mary Higgins Clark

I heard that song before By Mary Higgins Clark


This is my first time reading a book by Mary Higgins Clark. I heard of her name before, however I have never once read her books till now. I am really impressed by the storyline, and I think she deserves her reputation for being a well known suspense writer.

One day, accompanying her father to work, six-year-old Kay overhears a quarrel between a man and a woman that ends with the man’s caustic response: “I heard that song before.” That same evening, young Peter Carrington drives the nineteen-year-old daughter Susan Althrop home from a formal dinner dance at the Carrington estate, but she is not in her room the next morning and is never seen or heard from again

 Peter Carrington was always being held suspicious of murder of Susan and Grace (his wife). Many years later in a whirlwind romance, Peter Carrington married Kay Lansing. Shortly after their honeymoon, however he is arrested.

Like Kay Lansing, many people kept details either knowingly or unknowingly which may contribute to Peter Carrington’s innocence. At the ending, it was Richard Walker, stepbrother of Peter Carrington who was responsible for the murders. It was his gambling habits and debts which led him to murder of the people. Simiarly, I have read before in another book by Agatha Christie, that it was a gambler who set up the murders due to debts and money.

I learnt from the story that gambling always lead one to despair and even terrible crimes. Hence, sometimes the murderer can usually be linked to a compulsive gambler.


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