Swim with the sharks without being eaten alive

Swim with the sharks without being eaten alive

Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate, and Outnegotiate your competition

This is a simple to read book and it is really full of common sense tips and lessons. This book is really worth the price to buy it. I think it is a really a treasure chest that can give you more ideas.

Harvey Mackay’s Short Course in Salesmanship

Lesson 2 : There are objections to every proposition, no matter how attractive;  Good salespeople set up situations where the customer sells himself regardless of the objections.

There is the necessity of creating a climate where the customers become their own salesmen.  Need to ask 2 important questions : Who are my real customers? What is it they really want?

Lesson 10 : Short Notes Yield Long ResultsA new car costs more than $30K these days’ it’s a major purchase decision for anyone. I buy one every couple of years, but I hae never once heard from any car salesperson – or any salesperson of any substantial item – once I’d made the purchase from him. No thank you note. No “We just got a new shipment in. ” No nothing.

Yet many of the successful people I know are constantly sending out short notes.  “I want you to know how much I enjoyed our meeting/ your gift/ your hospitality / whatever. ” They are hand-written, hand-stamped, and mailed the same day the item appears or is annouced or we’ve had a meeting. It’s a major part of the reason why Holtz, Fallon, and Whitney are succcessful – and why I’ve never bought a car from the same person twice.

Lesson 14: If you don’t have a destination, you’ll never get there

Write your goal down because that’s the only way you’ll give them the substance they need to force you to carry them out. Set goals. Develop a plan to achieve those goals. Keep track of your time to make sure your plan gets executed.

Harvey Mackay’s Short Course in NegotiationYou’ll be amazed how the terms of your deals will improve when you learn to say NO. Time is almost always the seller’s enemy, not yours. The longer you take, the longer you have the use of your own money and control over the terms of any deal, and the more likely those terms are to improve.
Lesson 21 : Send in the clones

Lesson 20 : Smile and Say No Until your tongue bleeds

Say you want to buy a house or a business … a big ticket, one of a kind item. Nothing’s tougher than finding out what the seller’s real price is and that matters a lot. Example if the price is $489,000. You reach into your pocket, pulls out the checkbook and begins to write a check, a low-ball check. “I’m prepared to write you a cheque right now for $375,000” If the seller is irate and won’t deal, we know the price is for the time being $489,000.  But seven times out of ten, your seller, probably seeing a real live buyer in front of him for the first time in ages, begins to take him very seriously and starts to negotiate.

Lesson 26 : The most important term in any contract isn’t in the contractIt is dealing with people who are honest. The second most important term is including the right to inspect all their books and records, including tax records, correspondence etc, pertaining to the agreement. Once that clause is in there, people with a tendency to get cute usually don’t.

Harvey Mackay’s Short Course in Management
Most organizations and especially manufacturing companies need both these talents : the salesperson who brings in the business and the manager who knows what to do with it.  But you’d be surprised that those two talents seldom run together in the same person. Hence you need a Mr Inside / Mr Outside rule.

Lesson 35 : When a person with money meets a person with experience, the person with the experience winds up with the money and the person with the money winds up with the experience.

Whenever a company goes public for the first time, the underwriter usually holds an informational meeting. Usually the pitch for the stock is made by the company’s Mr Outside. But if there is no Mr Inside up there are the speaker’s table, wearing a brown suit with sleeves two inches too short, I pass on the deal.

Lesson 43 : How to spot a winner

Winners surround themselves with other winners. A winner knows he’s a winner. He doesn’t need second-raters and yes-men around to feed his ego. If you are about to form a new business connection, whether it’s a job or a joint venture, don’t just look at your opposite number. Look at his subordinates. Does he trust them? Does he delegate to them? Do they complement his talents by being strong managers while he’s an entrepreneur? If they’re weak, you have a problem.

Lesson 67 : Don’t get mad and don’t get even either

We all have accumulate enemies in the course of a lifetime. Forgive thy enemies is a very difficult advice for many of us to follow. If someone has harmed us, we tend to want to get back at them. We can carry our grudges for many, many years. And it is totally counterproductive.

The psychic energy and accumulated bitterness that went into my thoughts of revenge consumed me for the better part of five years. It was more than a waste of time, I gree vindictive and sour, and those attitudes spilled over into everything I touched. As a result I lost more than did the object of my revenge.

If  you can’t take the best advice and forgive your enemies, then take the second best and forget them. The only way you can achieve true revenge is not to let your enemies cause you to self-destruct.


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