The Gate of Air

The Gate of Air

 By James Buchan

Frankly, I read this story with a little boredom. The starting part is still okie with Jim Smith looking out for a house and he bought Paradise FarmHouse. Most part of the story in the middle, I have no idea what the author is trying to really bring across. Maybe it is too poetic. The words were sometimes so beautifully written, but it is so long and poetic, that sometimes I can’t really understand what does the author mean. I feel lost reading it. In fact, I was quite disappointed with it.

Jim Smith begins to be visited by a beautiful ghost in his dream. A web of rumours connects her to a famous model of the 1960s, Jean Lampard, who was immortalised in a notorious nude portrait. Only up till the ending, it is revealed that Jim is in loved with the second wife of Lampard, Marina. (Gosh, this one I also feel strange…. though the author did mentioned a little here and there about both of them, but it is only till the ending it was revealed they have feelings for each other)

Anyway Jim Smith has to die in the end, as the ghost will not rest until she has claimed his soul to be with her.

What a story I will say…. the only thing I learnt is that do not have any passion or avoid anything to do with the supernaturals, in the case, they will likely want your life.


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