Move the World

Move the World

Persuade your audience, chance minds and achieve your goals

By Dean M.Brenner

I think this is one of the best books that I read for this year. The book is written in such a way that it actually teaches you a few things on how to persuade and communicate properly. I have written a few points in this blog to help me to remember the salient points.

The Move the World System provides you with a powerful way to think about your communication – the Leverage Metaphor – and a powerful way to prepare your message – the GAP method.

The primary premise of GAP method is simple : Once you understand the variables, it will be easier for you to craft the appropriate message. To give yourself the greatest chance to persuade your audience, you must have the following 3 variables in your favor :

1) Know your Goals : What do you want to achieve in your communication opportunitiy? What do you want your audience to think about you and your product when you are finished speaking? What do you want your audience to do once they walk out of the door? If you don’t have clear goals, you forfeit your opportunity to persuade your audience.

2) Understand your Audience: Who is your audience and where are they coming from? What is your audience’s current belief about you and your product? If you don’t don’t understand their beliefs, background or state of mind, you will have a tough time persuading them to think differently.

3) Map your plan to Persuade :  Once you know what your audience thinks today and what you want them to think tomorrow, you must create a logical plan for persuasion and a powerful, compelling message.

It is important to have long and short term goals. Setting goals, based on variables we cannot control is a recipe for frustration and, poentially, for underperformance.  Focus on the tasks that lead to success, and let the success take care of itself. Set all of your goals for the things within your control, and ignore the things beyond your control. If you effectively prepare, you will increase your probability of success.

A salesperson taking Jerry’s advice, therefore, might develop a list that would look something like this :
1) Start each day by reading the newspaper and trade journals for news and ideas about my product or industry.
2) Clearly articulate my value proposition within the industry – for me, my product and my company.
3) Generate five new sales leads per week.
4) Send out five pieces of industry research to clients and contacts every week.
5) Take a colleague or contact to lunch once a week to share ideas.
6) Research each person I am scheduled to meet with ahead of time.
7) In every sales call, make sure I have a clear idea of what I want the audience to think or do when I am done.
8) Only ask for the order when the time is right – but always ask.
9) Within 24 hours of a sales call, follow up with a note ; within one week of a sales call, follow up with a phone call.


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