Completely Unexpected tales by Roald Dahl

Completely Unexpected tales by Roald Dahl

By Roald Dahl

The stories is a compilation from Somone Like You and Kiss Kiss. There are quite a number of stories. I will just highlight a few that I find it quite interesting.

Lamb to the Slaughter
Mrs Maloney is the dutiful pregnant wife who waits for her husband to come back from work and cooks for him. One day, Mr Maloney told her that he is divorcing her. In the midst of confusion, she took a leg of lamb out from the freezer (with the intention to cook it). In the end, she hit Mr Maloney on the head with the frozen lamb. This killed him.

Mrs Maloney quickly devise a plan to pretend to cook half way, and needed some ingredients, thus leaving the house to buy it. When she came back, she pretended to be shocked that her husband, a detective – is dead on the floor. She called the police. The police thought that Mr Maloney must be killed by a club or something hard- spanner things like that, thus searched the house for the weapon. Mrs Maloney invited the police to eat the lamb for supper. They ate it happily without knowing that they are eating the murder weapon.

The moral of the story : Sometimes the person who kills is the closest kin, and never accept a meal straight from someone who just lost their family member. Women may be harmless and pleasant, but there is a still possibility one will kill.

The Landlady
This is about an elderly woman who kills her house guest by poisoning them with arsenic and then stuffs their bodies. The Landlady is an elderly lady about forty five or fifty years old… she seems “terribly nice” and looked exactly like the mother of one’s best school friend welcoming one into the house with a round pink face and very gentle blue eyes. But small clues like “she had small, white, quickly moving hands, and red fingernails” which refer to the arsenic she used that had left it raw.  The tea taste faintly of bitter almonds give the clue the landlady had poisoned the guest with arsenic as this is the taste and odour arsenic can cause.

The moral of the story : Appearance can be deceptive and we must be careful of strangers.

The Sound Machine
Klausner believed that there is a world of sound at all times that normal human ears cannnot hear. These may be high pitched inaudible regions. Hence he created a special sound machine. From then, he realised that even animals, plants or trees does make sound. They also scream or cry when they feel pain.


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