Ah,Sweet Mystery of Life by Roald Dahl

Ah,Sweet Mystery of Life by Roald Dahl

This is a collection of Roald Dahl stories, all on a theme of country matters; they will all feature those wily characters Claud, Rummins and Bert, who appeared so memorably in Dahl’s famous story, parson’s pleasure. There will be seven stories in the book. I think the most memorable one should be the story “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life.”

The first story “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life” talks about the trouble of taking a cow to be mated with a prime bull. Mr Rummins is an expert at helping the mating process, in which he can guarantee the gender of the offspring. People on the farm mostly want heifer (female calf). 

Mr Rummins explained that a cow don’t have anything to do with deciding the sex of the calf. All a cow got is an egg. It is the bull which decides what the sex is going to be. The sperm of the bull.  A bull has 2 different kinds of sperms – female sperm and male sperm. When a bull shoots off his sperm into the cow, a sort of swimming race takes place between the male and female sperm to see which one can reach the egg first. If the female sperm wins, you get a female calf.

The sun exerts a pull of some sort on the female sperm and makes them swim faster than the male sperm. If a cow standing on all fours faces her head into the sun, the sun will cause the female sperm to swim faster than the male one and vice versa. Mr Rummins said that if the moon can exert a pull on the tides of the ocean to cause high and low tide, then this theory of the sun exerting a pull on the female sperm is possible.

Mr Rummins is confident that the same theory works on humans too. This is because he has four sons helping him on the farm. He said it is no good doing it at night too because the sun is shielded behind the earth and it can’t influence anything. Roald Dahl finds it an interesting theory on Mr Rummins’s farm.


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