Buddhism stories Part 3

Buddhism stories Part 3


4. Section 4 


In this world, it is better to let go, and let others win at times. There is always someone better than us. 人外有人,天外有天。(Literally means for humans, there is someone better than you, for the sky, there is always another bigger sky ahead) You must not always think of winning others, there are times in which others will win.  It is important to give others respect, in this way one will improve and have more harmonious relationship.

There is a saying 一日不作,一日不食 (If you don’t work for that day, then no food for you that day).

 During the late Tang period the economy was suffering. The emperor Wu-tsung, a devout Taoist, attempted to eliminate Buddhism from 843 to 845 C.E. by closing thousands of temples in order to take control of their wealth.  The emperor said “有一人不耕种,便有一人挨饿;有一女不织,便有一人受寒。可是现在庙中的和尚尼姑不知其数,都赖别人耕种以为食,织布以为衣;寺庙不在宫廷之列,却装饰得魏峨富丽,和宫殿争美。”

(Literally means if one person does not farm, then another one person will go hungry. If one woman does not make clothes, then another one person will be cold as there is no clothes to wear. There are so many monks and nuns in many temples. They depended on others to farm and depended on others to make clothes for them. The temples are not part of the emperor’s palace, however it is being build and decorated so grand, that it even competes with the palace for grandness)

5. Section 5

名誉要服务大众,才又快乐;爱情要奉献于他人,才有意义;金钱要布施于穷人,才有价值,这种生活才是真正快乐的生活。(If a person has fame, it is important to use his fame to benefit others, then he will gain happinesses. Love must be giving, then it will be meaningful. Money must be given to the poor, then it will have value.  By living in such manner, one will lead a happy life) 

Section 9

Nobody can foresee the future, and nobody can go back to the past. Hence the best is to treasure the time now. Live life to the fullest at the present moment, let every day be a fulfilling day. Even if one is to die tomorrow, there won’t be regrets.



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