Buddhism stories Part 2

Buddhism stories Part 2


2. Section 2 

Looking down on others is looking down on yourself. Looking down on others show how shallow one person is. How you treat others, others will treat you.
Once upon a time in a small village, there is a very wise monk. One day, a bright but naughty boy came to ask a monk a question to tease him. He caught a small bird in his hand, and went to ask the monk.” I heard that you are a very wise man. I have a small bird in my hand. Can you guess whether it is alive or dead? If you can guess correctly, I will believe you are a wise man.”
The monk knew that if he said the bird is dead, the boy will open his hands to release the bird alive. If he said the bird is alive, the boy will squeeze the small bird dead in his hands. Hence, he patted the boy on his back and said “Whether the bird will live or die, it will be dependent on you.”
There is no definite answers to say whether a person is kind or evil. Even if an evil person did many misdeeds, if he ever did a single kind deed, when he is doing that kind deed, he is a kind person. Even if a kind person did many good deeds in this life, if he ever did something evil in this life, when he was doing that evil deed, he was an evil person at that point of time.
It is important to treasure what you have. Treasuring what we have now is respecting our own lives and other lives too. A person who really knows how to treasure will treat each day as a new day. When you have gratitude towards the people and things in your life, the world does become a better place to live in. 
 3. Section 3 
虔城的布施,是别无他心,是要把全部的、所有的、生命的一切施舍出去。能够这样做的人往往能够发自内心地真诚地帮助别人,更容易赢得他人的尊敬,也更容易获得意外的回报。Sincere giving means to give with no motive. You can give everything, life’s things that you have. A person who can be such a giving person sincerely from the heart, usually makes it easier for him to win other people’s respect and get unexpected returns as a result.US Oil Tycoon John D.Rockefeller was only 33 years old when he earned his first million. At 43 years old, he developed the world’s first major monopoly company – Standard Oil Company. At the peak of his career, his fortune gathered massively. However, his health was a failure. John D.Rockefeller grew up from the farm, he has strong health. However at 53 years old, he was so thin and walked shakily. 

How did this happened? Rockefeller bought out 22 of his 26 competitors to control the oil refinery business through Standard Oil Company. Standard Oil Company soon controlled one tenth of American refining, but competitive chaos persisting. Aiming to impose oil on oil price, he acquired more refineries. And he used new transportation methods such as the railroad tank car and the pipeline. 

Public opposition to Standard Oil Company grew as Rockefeller was condemned for price discrimination, secret railroad rebates, industrial bribery and espionage, and running small firms through unfair compeition, such as cutting off their crude oil supplies and restricting their transportation outlets.  Standard Oil soon fell afoul of the Sherman Antitrust Act. In 1911, the US Supreme Court ordered the monopoly to separate into 34 separating companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron,Amoco etc. 

In order to protect his life after threats, he had to hire many bodyguards to protect his life. Finally he made a choice to retire early. When Rockefeller turned to philanthropy during his retirement, it comes with great difficulty too. When he wanted to donate to a church  initially, all over the world, there were many others who scolded him and his money that they were derived from ruthless means. However, he did not give up. 

In 1884, he provided major funding for a college in Atlanta for African-American women that became Spelman College (named for Rockefeller’s in-laws who were ardent abolitionists before the Civil War). The oldest existing building on Spelman’s campus, Rockefeller Hall, is named after him. Rockefeller also gave considerable donations to Denison University and other Baptist colleges. 

Rockefeller gave $80 million to the University of Chicago under William Rainey Harper, turning a small Baptist college into a world-class institution by 1900. His General Education Board, founded in 1902, was established to promote education at all levels everywhere in the country. It was especially active in supporting black schools in the South. Its most dramatic impact came by funding the recommendations of the Flexner Report of 1910, which had been funded by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; it revolutionized the study of medicine in the United States. 

Rockefeller’s poor health at 53 was supposed to have taken his life. However, after his numerous charity deeds, he gained happinesses and was not so troubled, hence he slept well. Probably due to this, he was able to continue to live on till 98 years old.


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