Buddhism stories Part 1

Buddhism stories Part 1


I am trying to read more chinese books nowadays to get a wider perspective of life and improve my chinese language skills. This book has 10 sections in all. 

1. Section 1 :  

忍辱- 处理矛盾的不二法门  (Tolerance, patience is the way to handle conflicts)  

Tolerance is not a passive behaviour. It is a type of strength and responsibility.If you are unable to tolerate or be patient with anything, then one will never be able to succeed. 

Chu Zhuang Wang Story

During the Chu Dynastry, there was the famous Chu emperor called Chu Zhuang Wang 楚庄王.  He ascended the throne at a very young age. In the first 3 years of his reign, he spent his time womanizing and dancing in the palace, never bothered about the country’s affairs After 3 years, when he met Wu Can 伍参 whom he believed is a capable and loyal man to help him with his country’s affairs, did he change and become a good emperor.  

Wu Can realised that the Chu emperor knew a lot about the palace and country’s affair despite his appearance of womanizing and uncapable emperor. The Chu emperor knew he was very young, it will not be good to assume a tight role as there were many powerful and evil ministers in the court. Hence, he tried to bind his time, being patient while hoping to find a capable man to help him. During those 3 years, he appeared so much of a womanizer and uncapable emperor, that the evil ministers did not think he will be of any threat to them. After 3 years, he managed to remove those evil ministers in the court at one go.  

Hence there is this famous chinese saying “三年不鸣的大鸟从此一鸣惊人” literally means 3 years of a quiet big bird suddenly become very outstanding.

When we are faced with conflicts, it is important to be tolerant. Take 2 deep breaths and put yourself into another person’s shoe to think of his situation.

The Special Wood Story

Once you set a worthy goal, it is important to be patient and strive till the end. There was a very rich old man. He was afraid that if he leave all his fortune to his only son, the son will squander all the family fortune. Hence he decided to tell his son to build his own fortune, and not depend on the family.

The son decided to go to a land far away to search for a treasure. He managed to find a special type of wood in the tropical forest. He chopped it off and dried the bark of the tree. Though the bark of the tree is mouldy, there was a very strong aroma coming out of it. When he put the tree into the water, it will sink to the bottom. This is very unlike the normal tree logs which will float.  The son think this must be a treasure as it is so different.

The son took his special aroma tree to the market to sell, however nobody wanted to buy it from him. He was very frustrated. At the opposite store, a man was having very good business from selling charcoal. This went on for many days. Finally the son thought since the charcoal business is so good, he might well turn his special tree into charcoal to sell. He burned his special tree and converted to charcoal. Soon he managed to sell off all his charcoal. He was very happy.

The son happily went home to tell his father about it. Upon hearing this, his father cried. The wood that his son burnt is known as Agarwood. It is a very rare and precious wood as it can be made into incense and perfumes. One small piece of its bark when pounded to fine mixture, can fetch many times the price of one big cart of charcoal.

If the son has been persistent, more patient, he will not have wasted such a treasure.

很多时候,尽管我们也曾全身心地投入过,也曾拼搏过,但在成功即将来临的时候,却失去了最后的耐心,以致功亏一溃。成功与失败只有一墙之隔。Many times,there is a only a thin line of difference between success and failure.
When did the hummingbird start to fly backwards?
 It is best to tolerate for a while, the sea will immediately be calm 忍一时风平浪静,退一步海阔天空. Sometimes it is best to take a step back and not be too forceful to go forward.  In the tropical Amazon forest, there is a special type of bird called hummingbird 蜂鸟 which can fly backwards and are the only group of birds which can do so. It is the only bird which can fly forwards, backwards, up, down, sideways or sit in sheer space.
Based on an old story, many thousand years ago the hummingbird is not able to fly backwards. It is only able to fly forward like most of the other birds. Back then, the hummingbirds do not take nectar at all. They only hunt ruthlessly on other inserts, animals etc. No other animals back then are able to resist the attack from a group of hummingbirds. Hence the animals are all scared of the hummingbirds. The hummingbirds become known as “King of Amazon Forest” and were very arrogant.
One day, a big fire broke out in the Amazon Forest. The hummingbirds were very angry that their land was conquered by the big fire. The leader of the hummingbirds ordered all of them to go forward and attack the fire. However many of them perish in the fire. The leader of the hummingbirds did not give up and ordered more hummingbirds from other areas to attack the fire.
Finally, there is one small hummingbird which was afraid and decided to take one step backwards. The hummingbird leader was very angry, hence ordered the rest of his army to attack the small cowardly bird which decided to move backwards. As the fire spread on, some other hummingbirds decided to join small cowardly bird, and they flew backwards to avoid the attack and the fire. The hummingbird leader was finally perished in the fire too.
Finally, only the small cowardly hummingbird and a group of other hummingbird survived. After the fire, all the hummingbirds left were able to fly backwards. They become more gentle and less ruthless, thus feeding on nectar and a little on some inserts and spiders. If that time the small hummingbird did not step backwards,all the hummingbirds will have perish and become extinct. Hence, in life, there are times to go foward, times to go backward, times to be strong, times to be weak. This is called ways of survival.



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