Sales Dogs

Sales Dogs

By Blair Singer (Rich Dad’s Advisors Series)

I like the creative and unique style the way the author presents this book. There are also a few funny illustrations in the book. This book uses different breeds of dogs – Pit Bull, Golden Retriever,Poodle, Chihuahua and Basset Hound to compare different sales styles. You may wish to read on a summary of what I find in this book before deciding whether to get it to read it yourself.

1. Pit Bull – most aggressive and most sterotyped sales person. They will attack anything that has even the remotest scent of a prospect. And they will attack with a feorcity, aggression and tenacity that is both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

2. Golden Retriever – operate on the belief that the more you give prospects, the more they will love you and ultimately the more they will buy. They will fetch any ball, do any favor and bend over backward to please the prospect.

3. Poodle – They are highly intelligent, albeit a bit highly strung and very conscious of “looking mah-ve-lous” The Poodle struts with expensive Italian suits, buffed out black capped shoes, expensive pearls and drive the kind of automobiles that valets love to park. If appearance and first impression matter to a prospect, the Poodle is the prize pooch.

4. Chihuahua – This breed’s contribution to sales must never be underestimated. Whatever you do, do not fooled by their small size. They are often highly strung,simply because their bodies are so small and they have so much going on in their brains. Their passion, product knowledge and understanding of processes are unrivaled as they are merciless in the pursuit of knowledge.

5. Basset Hound – This sad-eyed companion will stick to you through thick and thin. These sales dogs do not seem to have a lot of class or polish and seldom seem to exlude much passion or confidence. But of all the breeds, their ability to build strong, loyal  and long term relationships through sheer strength of personality and personal rapport is amazing.

And then there is the Big Dog! Big Dog is not a breed but a state of mind. It only takes one Big Deal to create a Big Dog. Never underestimate any SalesDog.

One thing about dogs that can hunt is that they often appear to be lazy mongrels lounging around in an effective haze. That is , until they catch the scent, the adrenaline starts to pump, their hair stands on end and they’re off. All hells break loose in a furious expense of energy as they put their nose to the ground and fearlessly track through mud, across rivers and over rocks until they ultimately land their prey.

Strengths of the breed

1. Pit Bull – when in doubt do something… do anything. When feeling out of sorts, just make a sales call.  This habit will open more doors and generate more momentum than you would ever imagine possible.. When doubt strikes, deliberately override it with any form of action that puts you in front of someone.

Some people in sales says “It’s a number game” and this is correct in some market. If you product or service has a mass-market appeal then this mantra is deinitely true and the Pit Bull will be the perfect dog for the job. But if you have a niche market where prospects are fewer, it is more likely that one of the other breeds is going to have greater success.

2. Golden Retriever – Always be the first to give! This is true in a negotiation, a sale, an argument and in all different aspects of business. The person who gives first always has the advantage. By doing so, you tip the equality and fairness scale in your favor. By offering to others, you may get nothing in return immediately, but sales and life has a funny way of reciprocating. Make it a habit, so that the gesture is sincere and not contrived.

3. Poodle – Learn to speak well to groups and practice this art as often as you can.  Having one-on-one skills is important, but being able to speak before a  crowd will increase your exposure and confidence a hundredfold. Also learn how to present yourself physically through grooming and attire. Studies show that well groomed and well-dressed salespeople sold as much as 35% more than those who did not take such pride in their appearance.

4. Chihuahua – Learn how to learn! Get to know your specific learning strategy and learn how to absorb critical material like a sponge. When education becomes enjoyable, the sky’s the limit.  The order of learning for most of us is : experience first (make a sales call), talk about it afterward (discuss and review), then write down what you learn.

5. Basset Hound – Master the art of building rapport by learning to listen and match body language and modality language of the person you are talking to.


Extract : It was tough for me to make cold calls. I was not a Pit Bull in those days. Yet I realised that without this skill, I was always at risk when leads were slow. I needed the ability to create business, and cold calls were the best way to accomplish this.

My manager helped me get over this important wall by providing me with training. He explained to me that the purpose of a cold call is not to sell anything, but to train yourself for other sales situations. It is simply like lifting weights or running. He had me repeat the process over and over again in order to build a neurological pathway in my brain. And it worked. The repetition eventually wore away the fear and created an excitement about taking on new challenges.

In fact, I turned the drudgery and my fear of making cold calls into a point of pride for myself. It become a game for me to see how many cold calls I could make in one day. In the past this would never have been possible. But I learned it could be a real blast. I remember running through office after office in downtown Honolulu, bursting through doorways, blowing past receptionists. I learned how to quickly spot and track down the office maangers simply by their appearance and their location in the office. 

My newfound ability to confront difficult situations allowed me to build several lucrative businesses and has earned me a lot of money. Had I not been trained to embrace the best skills of other breeds of SalesDogs, while leveraging the strengths of my own, I might still be cowering in a corner someplace waiting for destiny to toss some scraps in my way.


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