Automatic Wealth for Grads .. and anyone else just starting out


by Michael Masterson

Income “acceleration” were occurred in two phrases. The first phrase was in trasforming myself from an ordinary to an extraordinary worker. The second phase was in moving up from extraordinary to invaluable.

In most businesses, only a very few people get in early and stay focused on what really matters. Many employment experts explain that workers fall somewhere on a bell-shaped curve when it comes to diligence and follow-through. At the bottom of the curve are the loafers and goof-offs. In the middle is the silent majority that does just enough to get by. At the top are the relative few who are motivated to achieve.

Hence a modest amount of hard work will put you beyond both the terminally slothful and the lump-along middle crowd. Just by being modestly ambitious, you will rise to the top third of almost any organization. But getting to the top 20% will be tough, because the few you are competing against are competing hard.

If you can use your time more effively than they use theirs, you will move ahead of them. Hard workers eventually succeed even against those who have advantages. People who rise to the top work long hours, but not excessively long. They are at their desks early -at least an hour before others – and they stay later .

If you are not sure which financially valued skill to target, I recommend becoming a n expert in the kind of sales that make your company profitable.


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  1. I’m reading this book right now and really enjoying it. A note on productivity though: how long should you stay in that 20% before you give up and switch companies (that will maybe recognize your hard work and advance you quicker)?

    • This is a very subjective question. For me, I think that once you are in the top 20%, you will be more eager to do even better. You won’t be thinking of giving up and switching companies.

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