The New Millionaire$

The New Millionaire$

By Gobala Krishnan
This book is considered quite in-depth. The author is very generous about the ideas and experiences that he mentioned in the book. You can check out his website at
The variety of business ideas (example he listed over 10 internet business models example affiliate marketing, ebay etc) may overwhelm one especially if you are new and just testing the water. Gobala explained that the problem starts when someone starts researching into hundreds of different ways of making money online. First they read about eBay and they dream of becoming an eBay powerseller, then they came across this thing called blogging, and they want to become a successful blogger making tons of money from it. They spend all their time learning but still fail because they never really put what they’ve learned into practice.
There’s one element that must absolutely present if you want to make money on the Internet – that is to identify things that you are passionate about and these are things that should be the foundation of your online business. As they said, find your passion and the money will follow.

Gobala explained his passion is in reading and he gain knowledge from them. His personal preference is to write and sell e-books using the mini site model which is easy to set up. It’s direct-to-the-point information about the e-books or services that he has to offer.

How I made RM$31,500 with a 12 page e-book.

Gobala used a tool called ASKDatabase (, a survery software that allows him to get questions and inquiries from the list (or website) and analyze results for trends. By using the survey, he is able to get a vision of what he had to do. He realized what are the problems faced by most people taking the survey.

Example he realized that most Malaysians had a major disadvantage in Internet marketing. They could not withdraw money from Paypal, could not register for Clickbank and some Malaysians have no credit cards. Gobala was able to get a Clickbank account and found a way to withdraw money from Paypal. So he solved the “3 big Malaysian Headaches” himself and he document them into an e-book.

The question was : “Would someone buy an e-book that was only 12 pages long, and covered such a narrow topic?” To learn more, you can read an incredible e-book called Desperate Buyers only by Alexis Dawes ( The main points is that if your topic focused on a desperate need; and showed others how to solve it based on your own experience, it will sell beyond your wildest expectations. Plus, you can charge a premium for it and people would gladly pay.

If you want to sell almost any kind of product on the internet, or even start your own blog and make money off advertising, you must first find a market. Hence you must do some reserach first – in the form of keyword search example use Google or keyword country (

Step 1 : Find a general market. You must know the general keyword for your blog or website . Your website cannot be about everything. It must be about something.

Step 2: Find a niche keyword. To see if a niche is profitable see (1) how many affiliate programs you can find and (2) how many people are using Google Adwords to advertise those affiliate programs. But this keyword is still highly competitive, and while it’s not impossible to rank highly for this search term, it’s just not feasible if you’re just getting started in your own Internet home business.

Step 3: Find your primary keyword, secondary keywords and long tail.
Example the author clicked on guitar > electric guitar > cheap electric guitar. This is the primary keyword, and is the main keyword that he will target on the blog. All other keywords contained under these keywords are secondary keywords.

If you click further from cheap electric guitar or any of the contained keywords, you’ll find lesser keywords, usually ranging from 5-500 searches per month, called the long tail keywords. These long tail keywords are usually too small to become the main keyword for your blog, but when you add them up they usually become bigger than your primary keyword.

Primary keyword : use as main title of the blog, domain name etc.
Secondary keyword : use as optional tagline for blog, category name, create new pages with secondary keyword.
Long tail keyword : use to create individual posts example I create a new post called “cheap gibson les paul electric guitar”

Keywords are just numbers; they tell you how much search traffic you can get, but they don’t tell you how to turn that traffic intro cash.

It’s a poor artist who borrows – a good artist steals” – Picasso
Once in a blue moon you may come up with something totally original, but mostly anything you want to say has already been said before. Now if you copy word for word, that is called pirary. But if you copy many people and paraphrase them, it’s called research. So how can you write a good article on a topic you just discovered yesterday?

How can you do it?
1) Research. Type in a few keywords in and see what results come up. Collect about 10-20 URLs of the articles that you want to use and write them down / save it.

2) Paraphrase sentences. Take one line from the first article that you like and paraphrase it. You can change the actual words without changing the meaning of the sentence.

3) Divide content. Divide your content into logical paragraphs. If possible, talk about one idea in one paragraph. Dividing the content will establish a flow of ideas that keep the visitor reading for more.

4) Quote the source.

5) Write an introduction.

6) Write conclusion.


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