Rich Dad’s The Business School – For people who like helping people (2nd reading)

Rich Dad’s The Business School – For people who like helping people (2nd reading)

By Robert Kiyosaki

In this book, Robert talks about network marketing, the potential and its attractiveness. However I am not really keen in it, but I will summarise some of the main points that I like and gather from it.

If you want to be rich, you need to be a business owner and an investor. The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work. Building your own business is the best way to become rich. After you have built your business and you have strong cash flow, then you can begin investing in other assets.

Skills make you rich, not theories. Building a worldwide business and losing a worldwide business was definitely not an education based on business theory. For me, it was a priceless education that ultimately made me rich, but more importantly it was an education that set me free.

Money and success make you arrogant and stupid. Now with some poverty and humility you can become a student again. For a true life-changing education to be effective, it must affect all 4 points of the learning pyramid : mental, emotional, physical and spiritual education.

1) Mental education
Traditional education focuses primarily on mental education example reading, writing, arithmetic. These are often called cognitive skills.

2) Emotional education
One of the complaints about traditional education is that it preys on the emotion of fear. Making mistakes is how we are designed to learn. We live in a world of fear of failing, not learning. That is why so many people live in the corporate world remain caterpillars. How can a person fly when they live in a corporate cocoon wrapped tightly with the fear of failing?

3) Physical education
Go out and face your fears by taking action, make mistakes and learn from it. Grow mentally, emotionally and physically stronger from the process.

4) Spiritual education
Take note there are good network marketing companies, there are also bad ones. But a good one must strengthen a person spiritually.

Rejection and Correction =Education and Acceleration

People wo avoid rejection are in the long run, less successful in life than those who face rejection. Most people are not successful because they have not been rejected enough.

In growing a business, leadership skills are a necessity. In doing my research, I went to many meetings and large events. At the event, I heard some of the best business leaders speak… speaking to inspire others to find their own personal greatness. There is a difference between someone who use emotion to motivate a person in to something physically, and someone who inspires another’s spirit.

Big people have big dreams, and small people have small dreams. If you want to change who you are, begin by changing the size of your dream. When I was broke and lost most of my money, my rich dad said ” Never let this temporary financial setback diminish the size of your period of life.” He also said, ” Broke is temporary and poor is eternal. Even if you are broke, it does not cost you anything to dream of being rich. Many poor people are poor because they have given up on dreaming.


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