The Power of the Pitch Part 1

The Power of the Pitch Part 1

Transform yourself into a persuasive presenter and win more business by Gary Hankins

Do you have your own brand? Brand : The perception people have of the experience of having a relationship with you. Don’t underestimate the value of perception. In the eyes of the observer, perception is a reality. The observer believes that what he or she sees is real. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “It’ is a fact that you project what you are.”

The use of having a 360 degree feedback is that the awareness you gain will be invaluable as you continue to grow personally and professionally.

There are 2 important steps to get psyched up.

1. Affirm

2. Visualize


Henry Ford said that “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t , you’re right.” What negative self talk do you use as you prepare for your pitch? Whatever it is, turn it around and create an affirmation. Make your affirmation brief and in present tense. If you say to yourself, ” I hate to give presentations.” your affirmation might be, “I enjoy giving presentations”. If you’ve received feedback that you lack passion, your affirmation might be,” I am a passionate speaker .” Take a minute and write your affirmation in the space below. Example :

My affirmation : ______________________________________________


The second step in being authentic and presenting the real self is to visualize successfully giving the presentation. Athletes use affirmations regularly, and so should we. Jack Nicklaus was a big user of visualizations. He would arrive at golf tournament two days ahead of time. The first day he would walk around the course and take notes about the bunkers, greens and traps, and water hazards. The next day he’d stay in his hotel room, close the curtains, sit down and visualize the entire game : every hole, every shot, every club.
The laws of nonverbal attraction
Nonverbal gestures -> Attraction ->Likeability
Your number one asset is your smile. When you smile at someone, you’re saying, “I like you.” Smiling is a key element in the Rock Star Attitude. Not only does your smiling have a positive impact on your audience, it can have a positive emotional effect on you.

The power of packaging

Always dress slightly better than the best dressed person in your audience. Implicit in the One-Notch Principle is that you don’t dress down, you dress up. If prospects are casually drssed in pants and shirts, one notch means that you might add a blazer to your ensemble.

The One-Notch Principle will prevent you from dressing so far above the level of your audience that there is a disconnect. If you typically wear a business suit and one afternoon you decide to tour one of your plants, construction site etc, consider changing to casual clothes ahead of time.


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