Secrets of Superstar Sales Pros

Secrets of Superstar Sales Pros

Strategies for success from Zig Ziglar, Mary Kay Ash, John Henry Patterson and the best names in sales

By Gerhard Gschwandtner

Face to face interviews with the masters

Question : I’ve heard many sales managers express doubts about the value of a motivational seminar.

Ziglar : The charge to motivation is not permanent. How do you respond to that? And I said “Absolutely right!” It is not permanent. Neither is bathing. But if you bathe every day, you’re going to smell good. In my seminars, I explain that 15 minutes a day of motivation from a good audio tape or a book can make a tremendous difference in your life and give you a motivational lift every day.


Question : Many salespeople have a tough time in this economy. What thoughts can you offer to approach these tough challenges more positively?

Ziglar : A good friend of mine, Calvin Hunt in Victoria, Texas said, ” You know, Zig, it’s an absolute fact that we are in an economic slump, 50% of all salespeople literally slow down rather than speed up their efforts. They are not motivated to do something. They lose that enthusiasm.

“Now,” he continued, “when that happens, it simply means that if business is down 20%, but 50% of the salespeople are not nearly as active, your own personal prospect list is considerably higher than if there was no recession.”


Question : Is it true that some of your salespeople start their workday at 5 o’clock in the morning?

Ash : It’s true. You know, if you get up at 5 o’clock three times a week, you’ll gain an extra day. You need to try it a few times because you’ll realize a great feeling of satisfaction at eight o’clock in the morning when you’ve already finished what would have taken you six hours to do after eight o’clock because of the interruptions.

Question : What are some success principles that you’ve developed for yourself in this area?

Ash : Well, one of the most important principles that I ever learned is to write each evening the six most important thing I have to do tomorrow. I also number them in the order of their importance.


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