Top Money Tips for Malaysians

Top Money Tips for Malaysians

I am not a Malaysian. Hence there may be some tips that may not be applicable. Generally, I feel that this book tries to take the idea and concepts from Rich Dad Poor Dad. Nevertheless, it does have its own style.

Money-Making Tip

In Chapter 8, KC Lau explains what he does best- monetizing online to earn a passive income. A Squidoo lensmaster himself, he also showed his readers how anyone can also make some extra income from creating Squidoo ‘lenses’

Whenever you want to know something fast, you type it in the search box of Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc. You look through the search result. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the first page, you click “next”. If you are still disappointed, you can narrow down your search or ask in a relevant forum and hope to get opinions and replies from other experienced users.

Try answering this question “Do you still remember what you searched for five months ago? ” If I would to ask you the same question as you did during your info-hunting, can you point me to the pages that provide the perfect information? It is not likely, because the conclusion you made maybe based on many websites and articles you had spent hours to read and digest.

If you do nothing about the information you gather, you are going to forget about it sooner than you can recall ! The solution is to make a conclusion and make it somewhere on the internet.

There are several ways to do it :
1) Write post on a blog
2) Use social bookmarking site and tag
3) Create pages on website that give you revenue share such as and

Squidoo ( is a website hosting hundreds of thousands of lenses. Each len is one person’s vision at something online. Lenses are free. Lenses pay a royalty to you. You don’t have to pay anything to use Squidoo. It is an incredibly easy platform that allows you to build a lens, all by yourself, in less than 5 minutes. It lets you mash up your lens page with Youtube video, Amazon products, Google news feed, Flikr photos and many other internet stuff without the knowledge of programming, IT or internet marketing knowledge.

When you are looking for the music created by your idol, you create a lens about his discography with all the album artworks shown in one page, plus your favourite music videos, live concert video clips and interviews. At the same time, you earn royalty and affiliate sales commission just by simply reorganizing the information you are searching for.

There are other platform that’s similar to Squidoo :

This is the one money making tip that I feel that it makes it worthwhile for me to get his book.


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  1. I’m strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. When possible, since you gain expertise,keep writing and happy blogging!2

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