Hungry Heart Wild Striker

Hungry Heart Wild Striker

This is a Japanese anime series.

This is shown at the beginning of an anime series and it covers the journey of a wild and talented dark horse, Kanō Kyōsuke, as he tries to realize his full potential and make it big in the world of football. Though I don’t understand the lyrics, but it is a strong and vibrant song that you cannot feel unmoved.

In the beginning he had a lot of interest and passion for the game. But as time passed, he lost the initial zeal. He meets a girl, Miki, who rekindles his passion for the game.

Initially joining as the coach of Jyoyō’s girl’s soccer team, the determination exhibited by the girls, especially Miki, invigorates his passion for soccer, and soon he joins Jyoyō’s male soccer team, emerging as their ace striker.


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